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Besides cannabis what are other great herbs to use with my vaporizer

If you have a vaporizer, it is not restricted for cannabis vaporization only. There are other super herbs out there consumable with the item to give excellent results.

This article comes in handy to doing you the best. The main emphasis is on checking the temperature range so that you may feel the stated effects. The best way to take such herbs is via the usage of a vaporizer as it ensures the consumption of each herb optimally.

Read on to find what’s in store for you.

  1. Salvia Divinorum

Among the herbs with a mint taste, Salvia Divinorum has more superior effects when vaporized as compared to when smoked.

The best temperature range to vaporize this herb is between 230°C and 250°C. (446°F-482°F)

Vaporizing this herb at such high temperatures gives the user strong hallucination feelings.

  1. John’s Wort

Popularly referred to as Hypericum perforatum, this herb works wonders to users struggling with depression. It has antidepressant properties when vaporized at the best temperature.

For the sake of your health when you want to combat depression, be sure to vaporize this herb in a temperature range of between 100°C and 150°C. That is, between 212°F and 302°F.

For ladies on birth control methods, it is vital to note that this herb works against the medication and can easily lead to its inefficiency.

  1. Green Tea

Did you know that green tea is an herb that can be vaporized? Well, you now know. Through the usage of a vaporizer, you can extract the caffeine from this product.

As you start you to consume the vape, rest assured that the effects begin higher as they lower. Expect to vaporize it on a temperature of 178°C or 353°F. It has a somewhat coffee taste and most users take it for easing of digestion.

  1. Peppermint

With a similar taste to the Salvia Divinorum herb, vaping this herb gives you an excellent feeling. Use your vaporizer on this herb at a temperature of 124°C/255°F.

For those struggling with health matters like asthma or prone to allergen dominant areas, peppermint gives a relaxation effect to the sinuses.

  1. Valerian

In your vaporizer, you may need to adjust to relatively high temperatures going all the way to 200°C to have this herb function properly to your body. Now that it is a sleep booster and a control product to those struggling with insomnia, taking it before resting on your bed does you the best.

  1. Damiana

Other than consuming this herb through drinking, vaporizing it at a temperature of 190°C or 374°F gives excellent effects. To those struggling with mild depression and want a relief while at the same time with a strong aroma, take the herb at the stated temperatures and see how everything goes.

For the users who love a relatively bitter taste, then Damiana has your back. In fact, the taste creates awareness to you when you use your vaporizer to vape this herb.

  1. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is nervine. What should be ringing in your mind as at now is that vaporizing the herb has stellar effects on the human body's nervous system. With a temperature adjustment of up to 142°C or 288°F, be sure that any nervous feelings in your body are counteracted.

Most users vaporize the herb to get the relaxation feelings associated with this product.

  1. Chamomile

With this herb, headaches are a talk of the past. Setting your vaporizer at a temperature of 190°C, you combat all instances of headaches especially those caused by analysis paralysis.

The best thing with vaping chamomile is that it creates an enhancement in the melatonin productions in your body. That way, you get carried away easily by sleep and wake up feeling more comfortable with the headache gone.

  1. Lavender

For the most effective results associated with the vaporization of lavender, be sure to adjust your vaporizer to a temperature of 130°C.

It has a strong, yet a pleasant combination of aroma and taste. When you vaporize these herbs, rest assured that the high levels of antioxidants present in the same help in managing stress. You can now sleep comfortably, be stress-free and do away with any sorts of nervousness caused by uncertainties.

  1. Hops

Restlessness shouldn't be an issue with the presence of hops. While most people think that this herb is mostly used in beer fermentation, using a vaporizer and setting it at temperatures of 154°0C works like a charm. The taste is moderately sweet and strong and can be felt more while using a vaporizer as compared to when on beer.

  1. Passion flower

With nativity to North America, most users attribute this herb to causing sedation. For the people who encounter the weird anxiety feeling periodically, then passion flower is a top herb relevant to cause a solution.

You only need to use your vaporizer at temperatures not exceeding 150°C. The effects may be more of tranquilizing, which means the herb works to the interest of the consumer in need. 

  1. Mate Tea

Some users refer to this herb as Yerba Mate. Within a temperature range of 150°C and 190°C, you can use the herb as a mild stimulant or an energy booster.

With its super combination of minerals and vitamins all in the herb, it is recommended to do some due diligence before you purchase the herb. This is a way meant to help you consume the natural energy boosters from the herb as you use your vaporizer to consume it. 

Final thoughts

The urge to consume herbs may push you against the wall and make you consume any herb that you come across. However, it is crucial to seek a piece of advice from a health professional to give you the way forward.

This is attributable to the fact that most herbs cause neutralization in most drugs, causing them to fail to function properly.

For the best results, it’s vital not to overheat the herbs. The stated temperature ranges in this article give you a complete assurance your vaporizer and the herb work in unison to give the stated benefits. 

  • Jun 21, 2023
  • Category: News
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