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Dry herb vaporizer saves the environment — the dark side of a cartridge-based weed vaporizer

The smoking of cannabis is something that has been around for centuries. However, science has proven that smoking is not a safe way to consume cannabis. The creation of vaporizers was meant to reduce some of the hazards that come from the smoke. Dry herb vaporizers are more environmentally friendly and lead to little or no harm to the body.

Vaporizers are one of the newest technologies in the cannabis industry, and most smokers are now switching to dry herb vapes because it's environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, other cannabis consumers can choose to use cartridge-based weed vaporizer. This article focuses on the pros of using dry herb vaporizers and the cons of using cartridge-based weed vaporizers.

A dry herb vaporizer is a type of vaping device that allows you to heats your cannabis buds to a desired temperature which is usually lower than burning a joint or a bowl. Dry herb vaporizers release a very clean, smooth, medicinal vapor which is flavorful and enjoyable. Dry herb vaporizers require users to physically pack their weed into a special chamber on the unit while oil vaporizers need users to put liquid oils inside vaping cartridge.


Pros of dry herb vaporizers

Environmentally Safe

Smoking cannabis often tends to affect the person sitting next to you. It's recommended using a dry herb vaporizer when you want to smoke in public. When you use dry herb vaporizers, the toxins that affect the body are drastically reduced. Moreover, the pungent smell that comes from smoking cannabis is drastically reduced when you use a dry herb vaporizer.


Less waste

Dry herb vaporizers don’t burn all the active ingredients in cannabis, instead they use convection heating to safely deliver the healthy compounds into your body. This tends to also reduce waste in the form of ashes and papers that come from brunt cannabis.


Cons of cartridge-based vape pens

Even though there are several advantages of using vape cartridges, there also exist several dark sides that you may not know about.


Poor Vapor Production

This is a serious problem that comes from using vape cartridges. If you're not getting the desired hit, then you can place the cartridge upright (thread side down) on a table or flat surface. When the concentrate becomes stable, then you can continue vaping. However, most users don't cope with these downsides because it eliminates the joy that comes from smoking.



Most cartridge producers have started creating products that are free of toxins. Nevertheless, many vape cartridges in the market are filled with propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG) or other glycerin cutting agents. Despite the lack of research on the harms of these additives, most people still think that they are not ideal for inhalation.



Dry herb vaporizers are suitable for all vaping connoisseurs. It makes you enjoy your cannabis without being bothered about what your neighbor thinks. Nevertheless, if you don't feel comfortable using dry herb vapes, then you can use cartridge-based vaporizers which also come with its downsides.  

  • Sep 09, 2019
  • Category: News
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