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Guide to cannabis concentrates and how to vape them

Cannabis concentrates can also be called “hashish” or “kief”, and they usually come in solid, semi-solid or liquid forms. All concentrates are made up of high amounts of cannabinoids which is the main active compound in the cannabis plant.

Marijuana’s active compounds usually originate from trichomes which are small, crystal-like resinous external plant glands. Cannabis breeders create concentrates by merely removing the molecules in trichomes using different mechanical or solvent-based procedures. This results in the most potent forms of cannabis accessible and are available in different styles.


Types of concentrates

Concentrates are available in different forms depending on the methods used for extraction:

Kief is the powdery form of pure trichomes and trichome stalks which are extracted and gathered by sifting cured buds using mesh or screens. Kief can be poured onto buds when smoking or compressed into pressed kief, or hashish. Hashish produced using live cannabis plant resin is known as charas.

Bubble hash is produced using Ice-water and specially crafted small screens. Producers of bubble hash place trichome-rich plant trim in ice water which removes the trichome from the plant. Afterward, producers utilize filters to isolate the trichomes from the ice water. When bubble hash dries, it can be used as a fine powder or merged into hash balls. The quality of hash varies on the ratio of plant material to trichomes. These ranging qualities can be easily monitored when the hash is put under high temperatures. The quality of the bubble hash can also be seen from its color. High-quality bubble hash is light blond while low-quality bubble hash is black, brown and green.

Rosin producers use heat and pressure to extract the plant’s resin. This procedure can be done using either buds and trim (flower rosin) or hash (hash rosin).

Waxes and Oils are very potent concentrates produced by utilizing a technical procedure which involves solvents and lab equipment to extract the resins from the plant. Waxes and oils can be found different options usually named for their extraction process such as wax, shatter, budder, etc.


How to use concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can be used in different ways. One of the common ways is vape pens, which contain cannabis oil extract. Rosins, oils, and waxes can be ingested by putting them above the flower bowls or used alone with a specially crafted pipe — such as a hash pipe or a dab rig. Cannabis concentrates can also be used in the form of a pill, tinctures, or infused into edibles. They can be rubbed on the skin in the form of topicals, lotions or patches.


Are concentrates dangerous?

The process of making extracts is complicated and should be done with care. Some cannabis concentrates are produced using dangerous solvents such as butane and propane and should be done by authorized technicians.

Some inhaled high-THC extracts can also be too potent for beginners. Consuming large doses of THC may lead to adverse side effects like anxiety, dry mouth, increased heart rate or difficulty concentrating. Cannabis might lead to dizziness, nausea, insomnia in some people. However, unlike caffeinated products or alcohol, a person cannot die from consuming too much cannabis concentrates.  

  • Dec 20, 2019
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