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Vaporizer Pen with noble metal housing was developed in Germany. The vaporizer is only suitable for herbs and natural oils/resins. The extra large stainless steel heating chamber and the electronics are installed separately. The air flows only through the herbs used through a ceramic air channel, which can also be replaced. Pure taste.

Large OLED display with temperature indicator, temperature continuously adjustable from 100°C-220°C. For gentle vaporisation of different herbs. Simply press the button and the device shows the current temperature on the display.

The vaporizer has a replaceable 3200mah 18650 battery, 55min+ run-time possible. Even if the battery power decreases, you can replace it and the device will be like new afterwards. Very durable, perfect life span. Choice between 4min and 6min sessions. The display shows the remaining time. The vaporizer can be charged with any C-Type USB cable.

The food grade glass mouthpiece is classy and hygienic. Completely tasteless and easy to clean. The glass mouthpiece has a large diameter. The airflow is optimal and the vapour is dense and rich due to modern Vortex convection vaporisation. The taste of the herbs during vaporisation is unique. In addition, there is a silicone adapter with which you can put the device on almost all water filters.

We deliver the item in a neutral packaging. Scope of delivery: Vortex Vaporizer Pen, 32000mah 18650 battery, glass mouthpiece, silicone adapter for water filters, pipe mouthpiece, chamber for oils and resins, spare screens, micro USB charging cable, tweezers, pricker, cleaning brush and instructions.


Chic modern vaporizer pen from the german company VAPEBLE. The vaporizer is made of aluminum and fits perfectly in the hand. The desired temperature can be set via the OLED display. Simply put the herbs into the chamber and start vaporising. The extra large heating chamber and the electronics are built separately from each other. No plastic parts have been used. Nothing distorts the taste. In addition, there is a food-safe glass mouthpiece and a silicone adapter to use water filters.

No e-cigarette, evaporates only natural herbs/oil and concentrates

Contain no Nicotine / Cant use Nicotine