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  • Special dabber for herbal concentrates, resins and dabs. Developed by Vapeble in Germany. Exceptional quality and attention to detail.
  • The Hashstar Dabber uses a very high temperature (500°C-600°C) to smoke resins and concentrates. A ring-shaped ceramic heating unit provides a perfect surface to apply a resin or concentrate. Only soft resins and concentrates can be used with the unit. It is recommended to clean the heating ring with alcohol from time to time. Dont use the chamber directly.
  • The unit pauses for 20 seconds between each heating phase. During this time the resin or concentrate should be further distributed on the heating element. After 3 seconds, the unit reaches around 300°C. The device has an integrated chamber to transport resins and concentrates.
  • The battery has a capacity of 1500mah. The device indicates a low battery level by flashing. The device can be charged via a micro USB socket.
  • Scope of supply: Vapeble Hashstar, USB charging cable, gaskets, dabbing tools and an English manual.
Please note that the Vapeble Hashstar is not a vaporizer.
It has no temperature control. It will always be heated to the maximum temperature of 500°C-600°C. Due to the ring-shaped heating chamber you cannot use any herbs with the device. It is recommended to use only soft resins and concentrates.
Contain no Nicotine / Cant use Nicotine

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